Senior Portrait Gallery

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2017 Senior Portraits

From outdoors to studio, the hardest part is deciding which defines your senior year the best.

2016 Senior Portraits

Class of 2016 features our original backgrounds, and studio backgrounds from Strukel and Crocker Photography. Click through to help develop ideas for your own senior pictures.

2015 Senior Portraits

View the class of 2015 to get ideas for your 2016 Senior Pictures. Although we have new backgrounds from Strukel Photography this year, we still have the ones you'll see in this gallery.

2014 Senior Portraits

These past seniors took first steps to the most important part of their senior year. Know any of these students? Ask them about their experience with Steve Irish Photography and book your experience today!

2013 Senior Portraits

See some of best of the class of 2013! Know any of these seniors? Let them know how much you like their pictures and ask them about their experience with Steve Irish Photography.

2012 Senior Portraits

Congratulations to the graduating class of 2012! Take a look through our all-stars from 2012. Do any of these poses or backgrounds give you ideas for your senior picture experience?

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